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PBP/Son Ha products

PBP/Son Ha provide both conventional and organic products. Superior in quality, value and auditable as Food-Safe. Except goods for re-processing, most originate in Vietnam, mostly from mountainous areas.

Strict in and out control for both organic and non-organic goods begins from farmers or dealers to warehouse. A full traceability system is in place.

Son Ha machinery is set up to evolving international standards and ASTA principles of Cleaning and Reconditioning of Spices. Clerks and workers must follow discipline on sanitary procedures inside and outside of the factory. Warehouse and inside processing premise cleaning is part of our regular production plan.

Traditional products

Vietnamese Cassia conventional or organic from 3% SVO up to 7% SVO

Cut cassia

Ground cassia

Cassia stick

  • Broken, cracked, cleaned, destoned, metal detected and cut 1 inch cassia

  • Steam sterilized cut cassia

  • Tea bag cut (TBC) cassia per customer size requests

  • Ground cassia per customer size request

  • Decorative cassia: cleaned original sticks, curl cigarette shape, shaved original sticks

Chinese Cassia: Tung Hing and Sikiang cassia cleaned per customers’ standards

Vietnamese Star Anise conventional or organic

Star anise

  • Star anise AAA: diameter > 2.5 cm whole stars, less than 5% broken on delivering, no stem

  • Star anise AA: diameter > 2 cm whole stars, less than 5% broken on delivering, no stem

  • Star anise A: diameter > 1.5 cm whole stars, less than 15% broken on delivering, few stem

  • Star anise FAQ: whole stars, about 20% broken & stem on delivering

  • Star anise broken: cleaned, destoned good for grinding


Black pepper

White pepper

  • Black pepper ASTA standard: 500-560 g/l

  • Black pepper ASTA steam sterilized: 500- 560 g/l

  • White pepper cleaned

  • White pepper steam sterilized

Ginger: SO2 guarantee < 10 ppm

Sliced ginger

  • Dried, sliced ginger

  • Tea bag cut (TBC) ginger

  • Ground ginger

  • Ginger in brine


Tumeric - whole

Tumeric - sliced

  • Dried, sliced turmeric high curcumin

  • Ground turmeric

Hibiscus: dried in bales


Re-cleaning or sterilizing all spices such as Fennel seeds, Cumin seeds, Cloves, Mace, pepper, ginger to ASTA standards or per customers’ requirements.

New products in implemented project
Vanilla bean and extract

Oleoresin and Essential Oils produced on our premises and guaranteed.

Hoang Yen (Lo Han Kuo)

Sappan wood for tea and color

Other herbs

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