About us


Son Ha Spice & Flavorings is one of the leading exporter of clean, safe and quality spices from Vietnam. Son Ha Spice & Flavorings is a proprietary manufacturing facility set up by the Pacific Basin Partnership. in 2002. The facility is located in Bac Ninh province of Northern Vietnam. Our experise lies in sourcing the right quality material and processing them in our state of the art manufacturing facility adhering to international standards & strict quality controls.


Main Highlights:


  • 30,000 sq. ft. facility with processing lines and ample drying space

  • Validated continuous Steam Treatment System

  • Dedicated Pepper Cleaning & Milling lines with Metal Detection

  • Dedicated Cassia / Cinnamon Cleaning & Milling lines with Metal Detection

  • Ample storage and warehousing facilty

  • In house Mirco lab

  • 3rd party Audited HACCP Certification

  • BRC Certified Facility


Mission & Vision Statement 



Son Ha Spice & Flavorings has sourcing facility within the growing areas. They serve as procurement center to store raw material and to perform basic cleaning of spices. All the workers at these facilities are employed within farming areas to enhance livelihoods and add value to their communities


Our sourcing facilities are located at:


Yen Bai : located in the northern part of northern-central Vietnam where cinnamon and star anise grow.


Dak Nong : located in the central highlands of Vietnam where pepper is grown.





EU Organic

OK Kosher



Son Ha Spice & Flavorings / PBP has been over the years an active member of various spice assosciations and bodies.


ASTA - American Spice Trade Association

ESA - European Spice Association

VPA - Vietnam Pepper Association